'KGH' is an international event supported by REHVA.

The programme of this year’s congress is primarily focused on refrigeration, with our desire to mark the centenary of refrigeration science and engineering and the International. Institute of Refrigeration, as an intergovernmental institution, which has an aim to improve refrigeration for the benefit of the whole mankind. In addition to refrigeration sections, the thematic fields of the congress include the issues related to heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration, energy efficiency of HVAC&R systems and construction buildings, thermal comfort conditions, use of renewables, district systems and lifecycle cost analysis for buildings and systems.

Successful projects that have been presented deal with “green buildings”, intelligent systems and buildings, the (EU) European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and its implementation in Serbia, use of simulations in the analysis and optimization of systems and buildings, integrated design of buildings, special buildings and facilities and solutions of airconditioning systems therein, zero energy buildings, etc.

In addition to domestic participants, participants with papers come from France, Finland, Romania, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Egypt, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Turkey, as well as from all the countries of ex-Yugoslavia.

The programme also includes a section dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students of thermal and energy science and engineering from domestic universities, with the principal aim to inform students about the current problems of HVAC&R profession and everything related to this field. They will present the results of their seminar, final examination, Master’s degree and Ph. D. theses and papers. The meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter, which gathers the Danube region countries, is scheduled for the third day of the congress.

The exhibition of equipment and accomplishments, an increasingly important and comprehensive form of spreading the professional knowledge and its implementation in practice, perfectly adds to the congress programme. With its impressive scope and contents, this exhibition distinctively contributes to the celebration of the centenary of institutionalized refrigeration in the best possible way.

For more details see: http://www.kgh-kongres.org/