International Safer Schools, Safer Communities (ISSSC) conference

International Safer Schools, Safer Communities (ISSSC) conference

Ensuring safe and secure environments for children, young people and the community

Organised by OECD/CELE, Department for Children, Schools and Families, the Home Office, United Kingdom and BRE

One of the principal pre-requisites of a quality education is a safe and secure environment for staff, students and communities. As part of the Every Child Matters Agenda and the 2007 Children's Plan, the United Kingdom is adopting a multi-agency approach to child development and youth action aimed at eliminating the social causes of crime and poor behaviour within and outside school, such as bullying, vandalism, theft, arson, and violent crime.  The intention is for all schools to become extended schools that are fully engaged with their communities and serve as hubs for children's services in their area

This three-day conference, being held in London from 13-15 January, will examine how teachers, governors, parents and students - together with national and local government, community groups and local agencies, police and law enforcement officers, designers, contractors, educationalists, and public health and safety officials - can address the issues of safety and security.

Three approaches will be explored:

  • Crime prevention through environmental design and management of the physical environment
  • Programmes of social intervention including behaviour management and pastoral care
  • Actions of the police and the justice system


The principal conference output is a report, including international guidelines outlining:

  • Principles of safe and secure schools
  • Principles of effective intervention strategies for children and young people

Working language

The working language for the conference is English

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