NEW CIBSE School Design Group Event

NEW CIBSE School Design Group Event

For those involved in the design and construction of school buildings this is a time of great change. The river of money allocated for building schools has run dry and the price of energy is increasing. Yet, there are social and moral obligations to provide school buildings that are both safe and healthy for those who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society, and that enable children to achieve their full academic potential.

The noted Egyptian architect, Hassan Fathy, said “Before investing or proposing new mechanical solutions, traditional solutions in vernacular architecture should be evaluated and then adopted or modified and developed to make them compatible with modern requirements.” It is only in recent times that we have sought to resolve the inadequacies of design by using mechanical systems where previously passive systems had sufficed. Natural ventilation is still the most common ventilation strategy used by UK buildings yet to some involved in the design and construction of buildings it remains a black art.

This seminar aims to answer three key questions: (i) Is there still a case for naturally ventilating schools? (ii) What are the objective lessons that can be learned from functional schools built during the last decade? (iii) Can a compliant natural ventilation strategy ever be assured?

The CIBSE Schools Design Group and Natural Ventilation Group hope you will join them for a frank discussion of these pertinent questions.