Proposed School Design Guide Approved by CIBSE

Proposed School Design Guide Approved by CIBSE

The CIBSE Schools Design Group has prepared an outline for a new document dealing with integrated school design. CIBSE have agreed to the production and publication of this document and the Schools Design Group Management Committee are currently drafting the content.

The proposed document will become a single point of access to essential school design information and provide a compendium of the design standards currently contained in number of Building Bulletins. In doing this the proposed publication will fulfil two key functions.

 Firstly, it will bring together the key design requirements for school buildings into one document. The proposed document will therefore provide the basic design standards in a single point of reference relieving the designer of the need to consult a significant number of Building Bulletins. The aim is not to replace the Building Bulletins in their entirety, but present information that fosters an integrated design approach. This fills a gap in the provision of design information for schools as the current Building Bulletins tend to focus on a single issue, be it acoustics, ventilation or thermal comfort.


Secondly the proposed document will deal with integrated design solutions that take account of all of these individual requirements and the conflicts between them. Design solutions that address single issues often propose designs that compromise other factors in the performance of the school. The aim is to present an holistic design approach that overcomes these conflicts and responds to changing requirements in school design. Where appropriate the document will up-date existing guidance and provide reference to recent designs approaches and performance.