• Workshop: Zero carbon schools

    Zero carbon schools   A workshop to explore the technological feasibility and commercial viability University of Reading -          21 January 2009 –   Attendance:  35 persons as per list   Background The Government’s renewable energy strategy includes an ambition for all new school buildings from 2016 onwards to be zero carbon.  This will involve a major step change in design from existing school buildings most of which date back to the late ‘50s and early ‘60s when a low environmental footprint was not part of the design brief.   For many secondary schools in Reading such as Reading Girls School, Prospect and Kendrick, rebuilding rather... complete info
  • presentation: Low Carbon Schools - The Role of Ventilation

    Low Carbon Schools - The Role of Ventilation

    John Palmer, Director of Research, Faber Maunsell "I’m going to talk about school design – something really prosaic and really important - low carbon schools. I’m going to talk specifically about the role of ventilation in schools. Ventilation is very important, they have quite high ventilation rates because of the occupancy in schools – there quite densely occupied. What we were looking for, in this as a project with support from the ODPM at the time, was what is the cost effectiveness of adopting a mechanical ventilation strategy in schools, and what are the carbon consequences of doing that. I’m an advocate of natural ventilation in schools, but obviously we have to look into all these issues thoroughly and scientifically."... complete info
  • presentation: Better Briefing For Better Schools

    Better Briefing For Better Schools

    Hermen van Ree, past Senior Research Fellow at University College London gave a presentation of the award-winning Brief Builder. In short, the Brief Builder is a web-based tool for managing client specifications in complex PFI projects. With the Brief Builder, one can develop and manage a complete, consistent and contractible programme of requirements in a relatively short timeframe. By using advanced modelling techniques, the Brief Builder enables clients to identify, communicate and test their specifications in a highly systematic and transparent way. Their wishes and needs are no longer captured in voluminous documents and spreadsheets, but in one intelligent computer model. complete info
  • presentation: Facility Management in Schools

    Facility Management in Schools

     Peter McLennan, Senior Lecturer in Facility Management at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, gave a presentation on Facility Management in Schools. He pointed out that schools are an example of ‘trading through the space’ – the classroom is the space through which the service of teaching is carried out. Therefore, he focused on FM as a service operation, operating budgets (Capex vs. Opex assumptions) and problems of traditional briefing process. He presented his research idea to examine how to reduce year on year OpEx exposure over the life time of the building (EPSRC Grant). ... complete info
  • presentation: Lighthing for Schools

    Lighthing for Schools

    Peter Raynham, Lecturer in Lighting at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, gave a presentation on Lighting in Schools. Although it is acknowledged that day light is the best solution for school classrooms electric lighting is still required and it is important to design this correctly. He therefore focused on electric lighting in schools and his collaboration with Lund University in Sweden. He presented his research idea on energy efficient electric lighting for school buildings (EPSRC Grant) and the impact of this on learning. complete info
  • presentation: Delivering Schools Through the BSF Programme

    Delivering Schools Through the BSF Programme

    Delivering Schools through the BSF process A round table discussion on the BSF process and the delivery of Schools for the future. The presentation will focus on the delivery of the current Newcastle BSF programme and will examine lessons that can be transferred to future schemes. The discussion and presentation will include the views of wide range of stakeholders involved in the Newcastle BSF procurement and delivery. Chair Gordon Hudson - Mott MacDonald • Sir Robert MacAlpine • Newcastle City Council • Aura • Mott MacDonald • Robertson FM COMING SOON complete info
  • presentation: The Operational Opportunities within the BSF Process

    The Operational Opportunities within the BSF Process

    The operational opportunities within the BSF process   A brief overview of the key operational opportunities within the BSF process will be presented. A proposition will be outlined related to the largely under-developed areas of facility management and the associated operational expenses related to these activities. This position will be compared with the primary focus of much of the BSF and Government output to date that has focused on integrating design and education theory. The conclusion will suggest a few key benefits for applied research into operations within the BSF process.   Peter McLennan – The Bartlett, University College London COMING SOON ... complete info
  • presentation: BREEAM Schools

    BREEAM Schools

    A review of the BREEAM for schools methodology and it’s use in procurement and alignment with the 60% carbon reduction targets for new schools. The speaker was a member of the BREEAM for Schools development team. Graham Capper – Northumbria University COMING SOON complete info