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Welcome to Adventure Aquarium–a place where you could explore life underwater! Discover the wonders of life underwater at Adventure Aquarium, sitting just across the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia in Camden, New Jersey. The family-friendly attraction features one-of-a-kind exhibits where visitors come face-to-face with penguins, turtles, stingrays and other creatures of the deep at a fair price with Adventure Aquarium Coupons. Among other highlights, the Adventure Aquarium is home to the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark on exhibit in the United States. If that weren’t enough, it also holds the distinction of being the only aquarium in the world to house a crew of hippos. Other popular favorite exhibits include Little Blue Beach, home to some of the cutest and smallest penguins in the world; Sea Turtle Cove, which shines a light on various endangered species of sea turtles; Caribbean Currents, showcasing aquatic animals from all over that warm-water region; and the pulse-pounding Shark Bridge, suspended just inches above the shark tanks.

Origin of Adventure Aquarium 

Adventure Aquarium was born to the love of mysterious underwater creatures and the plan to revitalize Camden Waterfront! And succeed in becoming one of the best aquariums in the world with the loves and supports of our customers and underwater life lovers! As a sincere thank you for being a loyal companion along the path to success of us today, we are now offering Adventure Aquarium Coupons June 2020 for your orders! The New Jersey State Aquarium was used as a focal point for a shopping center, a hotel, and high-rise residential buildings. This proposal aimed to counteract the negative image painted of Camden and draw in revenue that would further help the city. Inspired by the success that other cities, particularly Baltimore, had experienced with their own marine life centers, the New Jersey legislature approved the bill that included the aquarium’s construction order in the late 1980s, and Governor of New Jersey Thomas Kean signed it into law. Originally known as the New Jersey State Aquarium at Camden, the aquarium was operated by the non-profit New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences, an organization chartered in 1989 to run the aquarium and further its mission of education and conservation. The Academy oversaw the design and construction of the original attraction jointly with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. The original building was designed by the architectural firm The Hillier Group and became a centerpiece for a virtually abandoned area. Constructed primarily of cast concrete, accented by large glass and aluminum facades and topped by a large, white fabric dome, the aquarium was completed at a total cost of about $52 million. It opened on February 29, 1992. In its first year of operation, the aquarium hosted 1.6 million visitors. In 1994, Ocean Base Atlantic debuted to the public. The new attraction, designed by award-winning experience designer Bob Rogers and the design team BRC Imagination Arts, made use of the building’s massive 760,000-U.S.-gallon (2,900,000-liter) Open Ocean Tank (the third largest on the continent). This new, themed exhibit introduced fish, birds, sharks, and sea turtles from all across the Atlantic Ocean, and not just from the coast of New Jersey. The new attraction opened to acclaim by the public and was also the Themed Entertainment Association’s 1996 recipient of the “Award for Outstanding Achievement.”

The rotunda was upgraded with the addition of a large, spinning mobile in the domed ceiling, made from more than a thousand polished aluminum fish shapes. A one-man submersible hung from the center, its lights shining on the Command Center — a glorified information desk made to look like the bridge of an underwater lab. Even staff members complimented the new experience: the black and purple aquarium uniform, patterned on the then-hit TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation, was worn by anyone who worked in public view. These changes and modifications helped to improve the organization’s image, boost attendance, and assist the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences’ effort to stabilize the attraction for long-term operations. After decades’ development and enhancement, Adventure Aquarium is now a must-go place with so many fascinating animals, amazing exhibits and events for you, your family or friends reunion! Plan your visit today and enjoy the special offers with Adventure Aquarium Promo Code!

Fascinating Animals 

We are proud to be the home to some of the most interesting animals in the world including the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, and the only great hammerhead shark on exhibit in the United States, the only aquarium in the world to exhibit hippos, one of only six facilities in the US to have Little Blue penguins. Come see it yourself now and enjoy the special offers of today by applying Coupon for adventure aquarium!

One-Of-A-Kind Attractions 

Experience the Shark Realm in two unique ways, over the top on Shark Bridge and underneath when you walk through Shark Tunnel. Be sure to visit our Touch Tanks to experience even more exotic animals and continue learning along the way. Are you ready? Claim your exclusive Adventure Aquarium Promo Code and WOW for the amazing trips!

Explore AttractionsGo Behind the Scenes 

Animal Encounters

Go beyond the glass during a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with our animals! Get up close to penguins, massive sea turtles, and even sharks! Get up close and more interactive than you ever imagined as we invite you to snorkel with the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, tong-feed massive sea turtles, or participate in a special training exercise with our adorable penguins. Put on a wet suit and test the waters. Snorkel and come within inches of sandbar and sand tiger sharks. Then swim and feed dozens of playful stingrays, all in one visit! Waddle On Over. Get ready for an up close and personal opportunity with our African penguins. Get 20 minutes with a pack of penguin pals and exclusive time with a penguin expert. Or you could also get all of your Hip-Tastic questions answered. Find out where our hippos go when they aren’t out on exhibit in this exclusive behind-the-scenes encounter with our Nile Hippos, Button & Genny. Or you could see and feel the tong-Feed the turtles. Help care for, train and tong feed green and loggerhead sea turtles from the top of our Ocean Realm exhibit. Are you ready for close encounters with these dream creatures? Get the Adventure Aquarium Coupons and join us now!

Conservation Efforts of Adventure Aquarium 

Since the first day of operation, Adventure Aquarium has been dedicated to spreading the knowledge of mysterious, incredible sea creatures and the concepts of environmental and ecosystem protections and actively engaging in restoring that biodiversity through untiring work in the field. The Adventure Aquarium, in an effort to reduce oceanic pollution, uses recyclable cutlery and plant-based straws in accordance with Fins for the Future, a Delaware shore conservation effort. Since 2014, Adventure Aquarium has held an annual Hippo Awareness festivals that support the Turgwe Hippo Trust. On President’s Day weekend 2019, we held a sea turtle awareness weekend in which we first time informed the public about the dangers of plastic products for sea turtle population. Additionally, Adventure Aquarium works in tandem with the North Carolina Aquarium and the Pine Knoll Shores Sea Turtle Program to take in newly hatched turtles and rehabilitate them. Our African penguin exhibit has been part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ species protection program since the creation in 1998. Since then, it has bred 26 African penguins. Here you could also adopt your own majestic creatures! Check it out for yourself today and visit us with Adventure Aquarium Promo Code!

Free Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass 

Sign your little one up for FREE fun! Your two to five-year-old child will enjoy FREE unlimited visits to Adventure Aquarium for one whole year with their Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass while you could purchase the membership with Coupon for adventure aquarium and enjoy the free pass as often as you want with your kids!

This offer has been extended through July 12.

To receive a FREE Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass for your child, you must follow a simple, three-step process:


Register your two to five-year-old for their FREE Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass online in advance.


Activate your child’s pass at Adventure Aquarium’s Box Office by July 12, 2020. Proof of age (original or copy of birth certificate, passport, or Green Card) must be presented at the time of Activation.


After you activate your Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass, your child can come and enjoy Adventure Aquarium for a whole year – for FREE!

We have also pushed and updated a bunch of Adventure Aquarium Coupons for the parents. A parent or guardian must accompany any child in Adventure Aquarium at all times. We recommend each parent or guardian purchase an annual Membership with our Adventure Aquarium Coupons giving you great discounts as well, so you can visit as often as you want with your child. 

Reasons to Activate

There are so many ways for Pre-K kids to play! Here are some of the can’t-miss activities included with a Pre-K Kid’s Adventure Pass.

Pre-K Playdates

We’re hosting playdates for our Pre-K Passholders to get together on the last Tuesday morning of each month. (Dates pending Aquarium’s temporary closure)

Sting Ray Beach Club

Get up close to our massive stingray touch pool to experience what it feels like to actually touch several stingray species.

Penguin Park

Explore our outdoor soft play area and get up close to learn about our waddle-ful friends, the African penguins.


Kids are encouraged to enjoy interactive activities and exhibits that are perfect for every Pre-K kid.

Parents- Join in All the Fun

Purchase your Adventure Aquarium Membership with Adventure Aquarium Coupons today to enjoy unlimited visits with your child for a whole year!

Plan Your Visit

See everything that is going on during the day you plan to visit. We recommend buying your tickets online in advance with Adventure Aquarium Promo Code, this will save time at the Box Office, get the most recent discounts and special offers for your deals and get more time to explore!

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