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Welcome to The CE Shop– the industry leader providing custom-built courses for every stage of your career! The CE Shop is the industry leader in online real estate education. We offer Continuing Education courses in all 50 US states and DC, and are constantly adding new Pre-Licensing and Post-Licensing courses. Whether you’re just starting out or have been selling real estate for decades, we have exactly what you need. Explore our products in greater detail, discover for yourself which courses are right for you and claim The CE Shop Coupon to enjoy the latest special offers and great discounts on all our course now. If you’re unfamiliar with real estate education – or with taking classes online – don’t worry! There’s nothing scary about our process, and with a 96% student satisfaction rating, we’ve even been told our courses can be fun.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Online education means no expensive textbooks. It means no classroom, no instructor, and no sitting in traffic. You can do our courses in your pajamas, from the comfort of your bed if you so choose! With less investment in the classroom renting and other expenses, we are able to deliver all the tangible benefits at prices to you— you are going to enjoy the most cost-effective courses with our CE Shop Discount Code! Because everything is online, the courses are always ready when you are. Work best at 2 am? Perfect, just log in and get started. Whether you’re looking for Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Post-Licensing, or Continuing Education, we’ve got you covered. Great real estate agents never stop learning, and we’re devoted to innovating and evolving as you do. With our convenient online courses written by industry experts, you can rest assured that what you learn will help you succeed. Are you ready to step forward at your career? Check us out now and enjoy the useful and educational courses at the best price with The CE Shop Discount Code!

If you ever get stuck or experience a technical issue, our Customer Service Representatives are available 7 days a week via phone, instant chat, and email.

The Team behind the Best Real Estate Education

Experts and professionals

Our team includes accomplished industry experts who ensure that we cover hot topics and provide the most up-to-date and pertinent information on real estate. They offer unique perspectives and bring invaluable resources to the table. They are educators, brokers, lawyers, CPAs, and all around fun people who enable The CE Shop to deliver the most valuable real estate education in the marketplace.

Customer service team

“We have the best sales and service team in the industry because we place this core value first. I am always motivated by the energy I see our team display when working with our partners in the field, welcoming folks to our booth at events, and seeing the care our service team delivers over the phone to help our customers.”- Dan H., Director of Sales. At the core of every interaction is a commitment to our customers. We work tirelessly to provide them with the best products and support available in the marketplace. We hire entrepreneurs, and in a large sense each one of us is the owner of a small business – the “business” being the unique role we each serve within the company. As entrepreneurs, we appreciate our customers tremendously. Our customer service member has picked up a bunch of The CE Shop Coupons tailored for you. Come check it out today and enjoy the great deals on our course today!

The Backbone of Our Business

“Our shared Core Values are the foundation of our company. They provide the framework by which our team continues to achieve greatness year after year. These values have attracted an exceptional team of peers who strive to live and lead by them each day in all our interactions. The entire team knows and respects that when we live within our Core Values, we have the freedom to stretch and experiment pushing everyone at The CE Shop to higher and higher levels of achievement.”- Michael M., CEO

Our Core Values speak to how we work together as a team every day to fulfill our mission as we move towards realizing our grander vision. They are interdependent, collectively creating an organizational environment that enables our team to perform at their highest levels, delivering the very best to our customers and to one another.

We are Customer Focused

Ever since our start, our experienced team here at The CE Shop has always strived to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. We have the best sales and service team in the industry because we place this core value first. We excel in bringing you the best value for your money. Our team ensures marginal costs (by applying The CE Shop Promo Code) against optimal services because your satisfaction is our commitment!

We Respect Each Other

“Every department here is in close communications to ensure we are doing what’s best and right for each student, the student’s experience is what comes first in every situation. Each department works very closely together to ensure we are following all rules put forth by each state and we are giving each student the best and most accurate information with every call/chat/email coming in.”- Sarah G., Customer Sales and Service Supervisor. Our collective talents energize and unify us. By treating each other – and our customers – as equals, we are capable of achieving so much more than we ever could individually. To give you the best offers, our working staff has updated The CE Shop Coupon for you. You can’t miss it!

We Do What We Say

“Commitments we make to ourselves are just as important as those we make to others. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it, it’s as simple as that. Whether it’s improving our product, our customer experience, or our own skillset, it’s important to all of us that we honor our commitments and stay aligned to the rest of our core values while doing so.”- Wynter J., Director of Marketing. No matter our role or responsibilities, we are all leaders at The CE Shop. We know that one of the best ways to grow as effective leaders is by doing what we say we will do.

We Are Committed to Improving

“The company has demonstrated continuous willingness to invest time, resources, and money in offering the very best product to our students. Even having the very best product on the market is not good enough. We are constantly processing student feedback, evaluating trends, improving technology, and planning for the next phase of product evolution.”- Mike M., Director of Education and Curriculum

Our customers know that they need to continually expand their skills and knowledge in order to serve their real estate clients well and to thrive professionally. This can be challenging, as business is complex and constantly changing. We make it easier for our customers by delivering a high-quality, interactive educational experience. Also, we make it more accessible to anyone with different financial conditions by providing a bunch of The CE Shop Coupons.

We Have Fun

“The CE Shop is the most fun place to work because the company understands who we are, what we like to do, and how to achieve those goals. I have never been with a team who wants to make us feel at home like The CE Shop.”- Austin G., Creative Manager

The CE Shop is a team that truly has fun with one another. We firmly believe that having fun keeps you young at heart, and that enjoying what you do leads to loving what you do. Claim your exclusive The CE Shop Promo Code and have fun learning with us today!

We Give Back

“I had no idea when we started The CE Shop Foundation that we would impact as many lives as we have. Knowing that the contributions of our team and students feed thousands of children and their families every single month brings enormous satisfaction to me both personally and professionally.”- Michael M., CEO

Why do we give back? Because we could never make it today without the love and supports of our loyal customers! Because we genuinely care about others. Because giving is far more fulfilling than getting. Because, ultimately, it’s the right thing to do. As the leaders in our industry, we are fortunate enough to be able to give back and we do so through our The CE Shop Coupons, through The CE Shop Foundation, our Day of Giving Program, and the Backpack Program. These efforts continue to grow year-over-year as more of our customers, partners, and employees participate in these unique programs.

What to expect from us

State-Approved Education

Our industry-leading courses combine the classroom environment and online learning with state-by-state regulatory requirements.

Free 5-Day Trial with The CE Shop Coupons

Your 5-day, risk-free trial gives you unlimited access to all content so you can experience our courses. Start your free trial now with The CE Shop promo code!

91% National Pass Rate

Our courses have a proven history of preparing students to pass their licensing exam on the first attempt.

Take a Look inside Our Courses

We work hard to offer you the most innovative and convenient way to get your real estate license through our interactive course delivery system. See for yourself how simple it can be with The CE Shop Discount Code.

Mobile-Friendly Courses

It’s easy to access your courses on any device. All of our PreLicensing courses are optimized for a smartphone, tablet, or computer. And you could enjoy the latest special offers by entering The CE Shop Promo Code!

Simple Navigation

Our courses each have a clear and concise layout, so you’ll always know where you are.

Clear Course Progress

Our progress bars tell you how much time you’ve spent in your course, as well as the percentage of course content you’ve completed.

Streamlined Design

Our interactive courses are built to make your learning experience as simple and straightforward as possible. We mean business when it comes to your education.

Convenient Courses

Courses are available 24/7 so you always have access to the best education. Have insomnia at 3 AM? Sign in and get learning with our The CE Shop Promo Code!

Multistate Packages

Licensed in multiple states? We can create multistate and custom packages designed for your needs.  Simply choose the one that’s most suitable for you and enter The CE Shop Discount Code to start your course!

Courses Written By Industry Experts

Your education is only as good as the people who create it. That’s why our curriculum team is made up of experts with decades of real estate experience.

Real-World Applications

Our courses are designed with your career in mind. We create real-world exercises to help prepare you for success in the field both now and in the future. Are you ready? Our The CE Shop Discount Code is ready for you!

Thank you for choosing The CE Shop!