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Welcome to City Beauty! City Beauty is a luxury brand dedicated to formulating skincare and cosmetics creating the result of “functional beauty” which means all of our products are designed to not only make you look beautiful while you wear them, but to provide deeper benefits with skin-rejuvenating and collagen-supporting actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Oligopeptides, Resveratrol, and Vitamin C. Because of our commitment to innovation and our dedication to the quality of our products, the customer service before and after-sale and the competitive pricing system with our City Lips Coupon, our company has seen tremendous growth and earn the hearts of millions of customers. Based in sunny Los Angeles, where we draw inspiration from the glamour of Hollywood and the cosmopolitan influence of one of the most diverse cities in the world, City Beauty makes itself more accessible to the people who love beauty and who want to make a change of themselves. In fact, our most popular product — City Lips® plumping lip gloss — has won the Good Housekeeping award twice! We’ve also been featured on the ABC Network and Good Day LA for our buzz-worthy lip solutions. Although our products are designed with anti-aging benefits in mind, women of all ages love how they make them feel.

Why City Beauty 

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing what happens to people when you help them achieve the youthful, healthy look they deserve.” City Beauty is not your average beauty company. The “functional beauty” effect not only make you look beautiful while you wear them, but to provide deeper benefits. The City Beauty line is designed with skin-rejuvenating and collagen-supporting actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Oligopeptides, Resveratrol, and Vitamin C, just to name a few. Each product is formulated to target specific concerns — whether it’s to volumize thinning lips, brighten dark spots, improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, or smooth skin texture.

We pride ourselves on being a cruelty-free company — and always ensure our products go through the most rigorous quality testing. As for our name? Our customers’ unique journeys are inspiration. We believe that just like cities, each of our customers has her own story to tell. Cities bring people together, they inspire and challenge, and they grow over time — and we envision the City Beauty woman’s life to be similar. Start your journey to beauty and confidence today and enjoy the special offers with our City Beauty Coupon June 2020!

What to expect 

Our favorite season is here and it’s time for some much-needed fun in the sun! Just as fashion changes for warmer weather, it is just as important to swap out your beauty products, too. Claim your exclusive City Lips Coupon Code and check out our ultimate list for the top summer staple, the best night creams to reduce aging, the best lip plumpers for incredibly pouty, kissable lips, best sheet masks for healthy and moist skin, the best eye creams for dark circles to brighten them right up, etc…

Our summer-ready lipgloss that will stay on throughout eatings, swimming, or whatever activity you have planned all while helping your lips feeling hydrated and looking luscious all day long. The concentrated serum visibly fades dark spots for a brighter more radiant complexion…You can use this on your face, neck, on the back of your hands…It has a light texture and absorbs quickly. Our special moisturizer is designed to visibly restore skin’s elasticity by lifting, tightening, and firming the look of sagging skin. The formula nourishes skin with the vital building blocks that give young skin its taut, springy feel. Dark spot, we hate them because they make us look old… Something you can use is this fantastic serum it’s called City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. And what it does, it’s a concentrated serum that visibly fades dark spots for a brighter more radiant complexion. Available in ten intensely-pigmented colors, our long-lasting lipsticks of non-bleeding formula provides your lip with high-impact color that really brings the holiday spirit. Feel free to wake up, apply this lipstick, and then forget about it for the rest of the day thanks to its non-drying long-wear formula. Every woman loves to pamper her skin, and our premium cream from City Beauty will help you do just that. The moisturizer is designed to restore skin elasticity while also nourishing. The product is made with all skin types in mind and is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and gluten-free. City Lips’ best-selling Plumping Glosses plump lips with ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep hydration and fast plumping results, Oligopeptides to support natural collagen production, and Jojoba Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil for pure, natural moisture, InvisiCrepe Body Balm is designed to gradually erase the look of crepey skin anywhere on the body. The formula makes long-term repairs to the skin barrier and helps strengthen the skin’s cellular protein matrix – resulting in a smoother, firmer, more hydrated feel. Our highly active bio-cellulose sheet mask delivers an incredibly potent, succulent-derived anti-aging serum deep into the skin. Its natural, ultra-fine fibers were originally developed for medical treatments (including burn victims), enabling medicine to penetrate into a deeper layer of skin. We are to brighten your eyes and blur the appearance of dark circles with our hydrating cream that also addresses dry skin under the eyes while preventing wrinkles and fine lines.


From you lip, eyes, face to your whole body, we have got you “covered” with our premium products and our great offers with City Lips Coupon!All of our products are manufactured with plant-derived nutrient, unique & patented compound and most natural ingredients and are designed to visibly restore skin’s elasticity – by lifting, tightening, and firming the look of sagging skin. Our formula nourishes your skin with the vital building blocks that give young skin its taut, springy feel and bring the effect of hydration, cell regeneration, and protein network support.

The City Beauty Promise

We try our best to ensure that you enjoy the best products and services at the most competitive prices! That’s why we give out a bunch of City Lips Coupon Code! We believe in and stand behind every product we make. City Beauty is more than a makeup logo or cosmetics logo but a promise we have made to our customers and the world! That’s why we’re proud to offer our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Check it out yourself now and enjoy the special offers with City Beauty Promo Code!

Love letters we have received from our customers (city lips reviews)

“Oh my gosh!!! Finally a product that actually hydrates. Feels like silk on my skin. It’s not sticky or greasy or heavy!! City beauty is the best USA beauty!And the discounts are awesome after I use the City Lips Promo. Most cost-effective products I have ever seen! Thank you for a great working product.”———–Tina

“In my age I don’t trust any advertising, but for some reason I did try this product. In order to actually see if it works, I used it only on one arm so I can compare the skin on both arms later. After a month, I could see the difference. The arm that I used the Body Balm on daily had a visible reduction in the wrinkles and saggy skin. Now, I used the balm on both arms and hope that the neglected arm will catch up with the other one soon. And have to mention, the City Beauty Discount Code is amazing and helpful! Highly recommend!”——–Lucy

“This is the best cream I’ve ever tried! My skin feels so hydrated-I wish I could take a bath in it! My arms look so much better already. And their discount with City Lips Discount just surprises me!”——–Cristina

“This lip color is a bit pricey, but I am more than willing to pay for lip color that stays. And their City Lips Discount Code help a lot! I like the shimmers. I purchase my favorite colors only once a year. Worth the price and convenience of being delivered to my house.”——–Lily

“I love this lip stick it really makes my lips look fuller. I love the prices. They are giving back a great discounts with City Lips Promo Code! My lips have gotten thinner as I age and this lipstick makes my lips look plump & beautiful! I prefer the Matt it stays in place and is not drying like other Matt lipsticks.”———–Amy

“I’m not joking! It’s works!

I was skeptical but curious about this product…so I bought the pink taupe with City Beauty Coupon

… I immediately applied it when it arrived this morning…by golly this really does work! I’m shocked at the beautiful full lips it made mine! If you want sexy full lips…this is what you want! Buy it! I’m getting a few other colors now! BTW…I’m 70yrs old!”———Daisy

“I am 75, and I have been using City Lash for a few years now and really it works. I love all the products that I have used so far. They updated City Beauty Coupon Code frequently. So l always get a good bargain! I don’t only recommend City Lash but City Beauty.” ——–Emily

“Omg this stuff is incredible! The price is incredible and the City Beauty Promo is incredible! I smoothed on neck and face…it tightens right before your eyes. And not dry or tackiness left. It’s the damn holy grail! I wish I had bought more. Doing somersaults…. I will say I may use this during the day and not waste at night. But seriously just buy it and you will be elated!”———–Danny

“Several of my friends have asked me what I’ve done that makes me look younger. When they found out that it’s the serum that is helping my skin look so much younger, they were amazed and wanted to know where to get it. This serum has tightened the skin on my neck, around my mouth, around my eye area, and my forehead. It instantly makes my skin feel tighter, lifted, more hydrated, and it has a cumulative effect. The fine lines disappear, the larger ones are significantly softened. My skin looks and feels significantly younger. All my friend purchase from City Beauty as well now. And their City Beauty Coupon is just amazing!”———Julie

City Beauty Coupon

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Join City Beauty today and let’s bring the youth, beauty and confidence back to your life together!