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Thank you for checking out Venus Et Fleur – NYC Bespoke Rose Atelier! Like the brand’s muse and namesake, Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, and luxury, Sunny and Seema, our founders, know clearly that only the truly exquisite floral arrangements leave a lasting impression. Curated by floral design specialists at our bespoke atelier in New York, our special collections are infused with beautiful, vibrant roses which are grown in the lush fields of Ecuador. Our arrangements are all made from real roses that last a year®. Claim your exclusive Venus Et Fleur Promo Code and make a loving gesture or add a stylish touch of elegance to your home, office, or shelf with a luxurious, Venus ET Fleur® Eternity® Rose arrangement today!

Origin of Venus Et Fleur

Starting small, with entrepreneurs Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal and no marketing beyond word of mouth, Venus Et Fleur has grown rapidly and earned the trust and support of our customers over years’ dedication to top-quality products, superior services and most competitive prices with Venus Et Fleur Discount Code July 2020. Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal noticed low-quality flowers and a lack of reliability within the floral industry. To fill this void, Venus ET Fleur was founded and became New York’s first bespoke, luxe rose arrangements retailer and the original creators of Eternity® Roses. Since its inception in 2015, Venus ET Fleur continues to innovate and set new floral trends with an unwavering commitment to quality. Disillusioned by the quality of the flowers and unstylish arrangements on the market, the duo created the concept of Venus ET Fleur — New York’s first bespoke rose atelier and creator of Eternity® Roses, which launched in 2015. Housed in chic square, round, and heart-shaped hat boxes, our artistic-inspired designs are loved by many A-listers, including Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the Kardashians. With a burgeoning Instagram following and wildly successful pop-up store at New York’s iconic Saks Fifth Avenue, Venus ET Fleur® has become a globally coveted brand in just three short years. As a sincere thank you for being a loyal guest for the past years, we are now offering Venus Et Fleur Promo Code for your orders. Don’t forget to check them out before placing your order!

Quality promise

Real roses that last a year! The Eternity® Roses used at Venus ET Fleur® come from the lush, vibrant rose fields of Ecuador. Each rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches full bloom. Once the roses are at their peak, they are picked and shipped to our facility in New York. Roses, especially received from “the one”, are so beautiful that you may wish they would last forever. Luckily, with a bit of time and knowhow, your roses can be preserved. Our farm in Ecuador typically grows red roses, so when the roses arrive, their color is removed using a non-toxic bleach. From there, each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. Once the dehydration process is complete, the roses soak in dye to give them the bright and vibrant colors you’ve come to expect from our gorgeous Eternity® Roses. Properly dried roses will last for years A Venus ET Fleur® arrangement perfectly captures the essence and aesthetic beauty of fresh flowers with the carefree indulgent pleasure one expects of a luxury item. Fresh, gorgeous flowers for an entire year with no need to water, change out vases, or deal with withered, wilted petals — all you have to do is keep the roses at room temperature and away from direct sunlight, and you will have an exquisite arrangement that exudes longevity, elegance, and beauty year-round. Unlike other companies that sell luxury rose arrangements online, the roses used in every Venus ET Fleur® arrangement are 100-percent real. Our blooms are cultivated in Ecuador where they get the benefit of natural light year-round because of their close proximity to the equator. Today, you can create hundreds of different arrangements featuring unique shapes, colors, and sizes with Venus Et Fleur at a fair price by entering Venus Et Fleur Coupon at checkout. Each arrangement contains anywhere from one to more than 150 Eternity Roses, and with proper care, your arrangement can last an entire year. (Our little secret: To ensure long-lasting roses that provide aesthetic appeal for months on end, we use a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process to keep the freshness of the roses and then instill them with a wide array of lovely colors. Forever roses are 100% natural flowers that can live forever (yes, seriously) when kept in its protective glass dome. No water or sunlight needed. That’s right — the dome does more than just give the flower its “Beauty and the Beast” vibes. It actually keeps the rose alive for years.)

The Experience

We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly and helpful customer service, our dedicated team, and the quality of our products. Now with years’ dedication to the business, Venus Et Fleur distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service, unmatched product quality and options, and a brain trust of resources to help you order the amazing eternity roses or customize your own sets of arrangement at a reasonable price with Venus Promo Code. The romantic tradition of sending flowers skillfully fused with outstanding stylish design — a Venus ET Fleur® piece is quite simply the pinnacle of bespoke flower arrangements. Every Venus ET Fleur® Eternity® Rose arrangement is a unique piece handcrafted by a floral design specialist, who meticulously curates only the most pristine roses for each individual order. Our team works closely with you to bring to tangible fruition your own ideals of an exquisitely picturesque arrangement. We love custom orders, and we can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols into our arrangements — all with an extensive and unequivocally charming color palette. Check it out for yourself now and enjoy our superior service at a great discount by entering Venus Et Fleur Coupon!

Stand the Test of Time

Both true love and Venus ET Fleur stand the test of time! Our loyal customers over the past years could always feel the love we have for you with the frequently-updated Venus Et Fleur Discount Code giving you a concessionary price on our superior service and premium flowers! Roses are the flower of Venus, who resides and glows within each of us. They symbolize love and affection for yourself and for the people in your life. However, their beauty doesn’t last forever, which begs the question, why is one of the most iconic symbols of love so short-lived? At Venus ET Fleur®, we wanted to create a rose that can stand the test of time, and will truly represent how strong and everlasting your love for another person can be. The result is our gorgeous Eternity® Roses. Venus ET Fleur® is a well-known and highly coveted brand among celebrities and other social icons. Our Eternity® Roses are the epitome of luxury and beauty. Add opulence and elegance to any home, office, or room. With proper care, Eternity® Roses can last for a year or longer, and can serve as a constant reminder of the boundless love and affection that you share with those in your life. We sincerely thank you for being with us along the path to success today. Please accept our Venus Et Fleur Discount Code and enjoy the best offers of our year long roses today!

Care For Your Eternity® Roses

How to keep love last forever and keep the passion going? “What’s the catch?” you might ask. Keeping your relationship fresh, passionate, and exciting—whether you’re 20 or 90—just requires infusing your life with more fun and pleasure. To keep the fleur rose “eternity” is even easier!

DO NOT Water the roses!

AVOID direct exposure to sunlight.

Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment.

If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using a duster.

DO NOT place anything onto the roses as they can crush and damage the roses.

DO NOT remove the roses from the box; they are secure and happy there.

DO NOT allow roses to have direct contact with light-colored fabric or surfaces, as staining may occur.

The lid is meant to stay on the side or bottom of the box.

Be mindful when carrying the arrangement: it’s a very delicate product!

We care for you just as we care for the roses. Come claim the Venus Et Fleur Coupon and get the wonderful flowers at a concessionary price!

For Special Events

We are here for you!

Everyone at Venus Et Fleur is on a mission to offer an unrivaled customer experience with premium products that are built for everything and priced for everyone. We would love to help you make your special events shining and memorable! Work with us now to create a set of gifts and an arrangement that captures your ethos.

We make it as simple as a cake! Our Venus Et Fleur Promo Code is to ensure that these unique arrangements are available at prices that won’t break your budget. All you need to do is enter order information and one of our representatives will get in touch ASAP!

  1. Tell Us What You’re Looking For

Whether it’s for a one-time event or to thank your clients, we can create an impactful set of arrangements.

  1. Our Reps Call and Discuss

You’ll work with one of our Venus Design specialists to craft and determine your order.

  1. Get a quote and Venus Et Fleur Discount Codeand lock it in!

We’ll send over a quote with order details; you enjoy the great Venus Et Fleur Discount on your orders…and that’s it!

Thank you for your love! Be sure to check out our extensive collection of rose and claim your exclusive Venus Et Fleur Promo Code to enjoy the special offers of today!